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Here you will find recipes that will remind you of years gone by. Families love to get together and these recipes are some samplings of our gatherings at 'The Homeplace'.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Isaac's Ketchup Chip Cheeseburger

Start with the best hamburgers in the world. In order to do this, you need ground beef from Meadowbrook Meat Market, and Jon to bbq them. When you put the patty on the bun, make sure you do it cheese-side-down so that you can still put the toppings on it without pulling the bun apart. Place three ketchup chips on top of the burger and add ketchup to the top bun. Carefully position top of bun over chips and push down hard. Enjoy!

~ Charmin


Blogger Shannon said...

Isaac is quite impressed that his own recipe made it to the blog! It's a great picture too. :)

8:26 AM  

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