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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pond Punch

I had decided on a fishing theme for Roddy's birthday cake, and wanted a blue punch to go along with it. I couldn't find a blue punch in my recipe books and didn't want to take the time to search any further so I decided to wing it. We all agreed that the results were most enjoyable. I had hoped to find some gummy fish to freeze in the ice cubes, but alas, there were none to be found (in Berwick, that is).

4 litres lemon-lime pop
1 pkg Ice Blue Kool Aid
1/2 can frozen lemonade
vanilla ice cream

Pour pop into punch bowl and mix in Kool Aid crystals. (They didn't want to dissolve for us, so we used a whisk.) Stir in the lemonade and add ice cubes. Add a few scoops of ice cream to the top, stir to make it foamy and serve.

~ Charmin


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