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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Peanut Butter Cake

Allergy people beware!! We can eat this in our house because there is an unwritten rule that I have placed in our family long long ago : No one is allowed to have food allergies! So far so good. :)

1/2 Cup Margarine ( I use oil)
1/4 Cup Peanut Butter
2 Eggs
2 tsp Baking powder
1 Cup Milk
1 1/3 Cups Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla
2 Cups Flour
1 tsp Salt

Cream margarine and sugar. Add peanut butter, vanilla and eggs; beat well.
Mix and add flour, baking powder and salt.
Add milk and mix well with mixer until fluffy.
Pour into 2 greased layer pans (8 inches).
Bake at 325 F for 35 - 40 minutes. Cool. Frost cake with Peanut Butter Cup frosting.

Peanut Butter Cup Frosting:

1/4 Cup Margarine, softened
1/2 tsp salt
3 to 4 Tbsp milk
1/2 Cup Chocolate chips, softened
1/4 Cup Peanut butter
2 1/2 Cups icing sugar
1 tsp Vanilla

Cream together all ingredients until light and fluffy. Spread on cake. You can also drizzle extra melted chocolate chips over this.



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