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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Treason Cookies

These are really Susan Branch's Molasses Cookies, but I couldn't resist renaming them. Grammie has had the honour of being the only recognized molasses cookie baker in this household for years. Until today. Sarah tasted one of these cookies and said, and I quote, "These are as good as Grammie's, and MAYBE A BIT BETTER."

"Treason!" cries my heart, and "YUM!" cries my tummy.

The dough looks way too wet and gooey for a drop cookie, but they cook up beautifully and look like you spent hours rolling and cutting. They have a light, fluffy, cakey texture, and not-too-sweet icing. (Unfortunately I added 2 tbsp. butter to the icing instead of 2 tsp., so my icing is a little runnier than it should be. Still good, though.)

I also ended up with 6 dozen, so my spoonfuls were obviously smaller than hers. I used silverware teaspoons (not a teaspoon measure) heaped up nicely.

I'm not going to bother typing up the recipe. Follow the link above to Susan Branch's website and her beautifully painted recipe.

~ Charmin


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